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I’m dedicating this book to every AI Learner, planning to pursue their career. I have written this book to share my experiences while transforming my career and challenges I faced, interviews I failed before getting into the job profile. 


In this path of career transition no one going to help us 100%, some people laugh at us, some people ask us to drop this idea, some may point us we made a wrong decision, most of the time even you don’t trust yourself. 


Your career transition into AI or into any career demands bloody pain you need to endure for a long time to see the hidden beauty of success. 


I’m into the situations, where no one helped me, I’m into the situations where I don’t have projects to place in my resume, I’m into the situations where I don’t know how to speak English, I’m into the situation where I don’t know how to market my resume, I’m into the situations where I don’t know how to speak in interviews, I’m into the situations where I thought career transition is so simple, I’m into the situations where I thought my friends, family, my mentors going to help me. But the fact is that we need to help ourself in every situation we are in. 


I’m writing this book as a right guide for every learner who is transforming to AI.


                                                                                                                                                                                          With love

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Before Six Sigma, I’m a mechanical engineer, no job for 9 months. Got into Six Sigma training, In my training room, I’m the only fresher, and other participants are experienced around 10+ years. 


Literally I want the job, I can’t take my step backwards, and I don’t even have sweet time to relax and learn. So, I want to show significant impact in my training, I used to utilise my time, and I got the opportunity to work as Six Sigma person, but they don’t pay me the salary for first 3months.


INR 5000 in my pocket for next 3months and I said yes to the job. I don’t know how I created the way up to this point. Only one thing I believe in myself and in my decision which I made. 


Before AI, I’m in Six Sigma, Sales, Marketing, Training into Six Sigma, ITIL, PMP, Scrum, e.t.c.


After AI, I’m in AI, Trainings, Podcasting, Youtuber, Author, Blogging, Entrepreneur, e.t.c.”

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