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Every learner's major goal is to get placed into future technologies. But, they have lot of limitations like their current experience, current timing pattern, building right skillset, building good projects in their resume, building unbeatable confidence etc. For all your limitations on career transition we have one solution BEPEC Career Transition Programs. We make every learner to perform successful career transition from any profile into Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning or AI. 

Listen to our Students Audio Clip with Mentor after getting placed

Listen to the entire podcast on "How to prepare for Data Science/AI/ML Interviews?" Checkout our podcasts on Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts e.t.c. and listen to our podcast with Data Scientists. 

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Q & A Session from Recently Placed Participants:

We're trying all the possible ways to make your career transition more simplified with Q & A Session from recently placed participants, to build great exposure towards real-time interviews and how every learner need to prepare for their program as well as for their interviews. We host Q & A Sessions from different learners who got placed recently. 

Q & A Sessions helping every learner to crack their Data Science Interviews or AI Interviews with a more simplified approach. 

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