Data Science Career Roadmap Workshop

(How to make successful Data Science/AI Career Transition?)

How I transformed my career from Mechanical Engineering to AI & Data Science Job Role & I helped more than 1000+ professionals to transform their career from various backgrounds like Mechanical, Electrical, Life-Science, Banking, Oil & Gas, Telecom, e.t.c. to Data Science/ML & AI Job roles.

Live Workshop Dates

November 14th 2020, Saturday: 7 PM(IST) - 11 PM(IST) - (Sold Out)
November 22nd 2020, Sunday: 7 PM(IST) - 11 PM(IST) - (Fast Filling)

Early-Bird Price only today - 499/-(INR)

How I helped her to transform from Mechanical Engineer with 15+ years of Experience into AI Consultant role by considering her previous experience? I'm waiting to share all those secrets with you in

my 4Hours Workshop.

Early-Bird Price only today - 499/-(INR)

"Register & get pre-reading material before joining the program & take a psychology test to understand about your feasibility towards Data Science Job profile"

What I'm covering on this 4 Hours workshop?

  • Lifecycle of Data Scientist & Different Job roles like Data Analyst, Data Scientist, AI, Business Analytics, Data Engineering. What is suitable based on your previous experience

  • 10 Key Points to Master your Career Transition into the filed of Data Science & AI based on your years of experience

  • 5 Important Challenges you face while doing your Data Science/AI career transition.

  • You get Training material & Plan of action for your Career Transition

  • Building Roadmap towards Career Transition on Data Science & AI, Which helped 1000+ learners to transform their career into Data Science & AI. 

  • How to choose the right course in internet? Through self-study/blogs/training institutes/free courses e.t.c.? Helping you to pick the right one

  • Surprise! Surprise, Guest Lecture, Which boosts your Career Transition to next level.

  • You get recording access for life-time

Participants feedback 

Early-Bird Price only today - 499/-(INR)


Lead Instructor

Mr. Kanth

Data Scientist | Consultant | Podcaster | Youtuber | Mentor 


Mr. Kanth is a Data Scientist and Six Sigma Certified. He is a Data Science Consultant for various Top-MNC's like Nokia, EY, Cognizant, BMW etc. He delivered end-to-end AI Solutions using Machine Learning and Deep Learning on Embedded Devices. Built various AI Solutions which impacted financial gains and human effort reduction. 


Mr. Kanth is an Orator & Mentor delivered AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IOT, Industry 4.0 & Digital Twin Customised Training Programs across Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Sudan etc. He delivered more than 100+ trainings on both sides like client side and vendor side. 

Who can attend this Workshop?


Completed Data Science Course



Doing the data science course


Early-Bird Price only today - 499/-(INR)

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